GenCDI is Harpy Finance's main contract in stage 1. He is responsible for distributing rewards to users. There will be 6 pools for yield farming in stage 1. This means that 6 versions of GenCDI will be deployed to Arbitrum Mainnet, one version for each pool.
At the beginning of stage 1, contracts will receive a Harpy amount corresponding to the distribution amount determined for each pool. You can find out the reward amount in each pool here.
The contract is designed to benefit users who spend the most time in the pool, as well as those who arrive first. This means that you can gain a multiplier by remaining in for longer periods of time, this is "spent" at un-stake time. Allowing for additional bonus rewards against the entire pool. This gives a gamifies the process of un-staking. Each has their own unique multiplier and we prioritize unstaking the shortest stakes (with the least multiplier) first.
When the user makes a deposit, he is automatically participating in the pool and earning rewards. However, in order to withdraw your deposited amount or part of the deposited amount from the pool, the user will have to request an unlocking of funds. The blocking period varies. Some pools will have a pre-determined withdrawal lockout time, while others will have no withdrawal lockout. Only at Harpy's single deposit pool there will be a one-day lockout. No other pool will block funds on withdrawal.
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