Democracy and good governance are very important to us. We plan to move forward to a fully fledged DAO potentially using Gnosis SnapSafe and Yearn Coordinape for community incentives.
When at least 500,000 HARPY tokens are distributed - which is expected to take place just under two months after the start of Stage 1 - governance will be implemented and project decisions will be handed over to stakeholders.
Investors will initially have control over:
  • Treasure funds, which corresponds to 10% (325,000 HARPY) of the total supply of HARPY tokens.
  • Funds reserved for post-launch liquidity incentives, which correspond to 15% (487,500 HARPY) of the total supply of HARPY tokens.
  • Pools to be introduced in token distributions, in stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4.
  • Amount of tokens to be distributed in each layer (Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum), from stage 2.
  • Propose new features or changes to the existing protocol.
  • In other words, stakeholders rule everything.
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