Harpy Finance

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Harpy Finance a is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for the Arbitrum. The DApp was designed with the purpose of optimising DeFi users yields as they interact with the other DApps in the DeFi space.

Harpy Finance ICO

The community chose to have a presale of HARPY Tokens. We are concluding planning around this, but we already have confirmed information:
Sale Start Time (UTC): December 28th 2021, 01:00 PM UTC Sale End Time (UTC): January 3th 2022, 01:00 PM UTC Token Distribution (UTC): January 3th 2022, 08:00 PM UTC Access: Public


Harpy Finance will use Balancer or Sushiswap as official DEX to provide liquidity for HARPY tokens. We'll let the community decide which they prefer. The Harpy team continually strives to deliver new and innovative strategies to optimize returns to users.
Through GenCDI (the main smart contract of the Harpy ecosystem), users will be able to deposit LP tokens to receive HARPY as a reward.
Over 4 stages, new products will be implemented in the Harpy Finance ecosystem, such as leveraged yield farming, lending, borrowing and lottery systems.
👉 Check the stages in detail.

Why Arbitrum?

Harpy Finance aims to optimize DeFi users' yield farming, as well as lending and borrowing at the lowest possible cost. Because of this, the Arbitrum is the ideal place to start, as Arbitrum offers a unique combination of benefits:
  • Trustless security: security rooted in Ethereum, with any one party able to ensure correct Layer 2 results.
  • Compatibility with Ethereum: able to run unmodified EVM contracts and unmodified Ethereum transactions.
  • Scalability: moving contracts’ computation and storage off of the main Ethereum chain, allowing much higher throughput.
  • Minimum cost: designed and engineered to minimize the L1 gas footprint of the system, minimizing per-transaction cost.
👉 Check the FAQ.

Expansion to Ethereum Layer 1

An expansion to the Ethereum Layer 1 is scheduled from stage 2. From then on, Harpy Finance will establish operation on Ethereum Mainnet (Layer 1) and Ethereum Layer 2 (Arbitrum). The distribution of tokens in Stage 1 will only occur on the Arbitrum. From stage 2 onwards, the distribution will take place on both, Arbitrum and Ethereum Mainnet. HARPY tokens distributed on the Arbitrum in stage 1 can be transferred to the Ethereum Mainnet from stage 2 and vice versa.

Next steps

Harpy Finance is scheduled to launch in mid-December 2021. Prior to the launch on Arbitrum Mainnet, Harpy Finance will be available on Arbitrum Rinkeby Testnet.


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